Click to enlargeCraig Cramer plays the Fritts Organ at Saint Joseph Cathedral, Columbus, Ohio

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Craig Cramer plays a cross section of music from baroque, romantic and modern on a stunning new instrument from Paul Fritts. Personally, I find this instrument amazing and very satisfying. I first heard it on CD when Paul Thornock picked me up at the airport and we played name that organ on his car CD player. Elgar was playing and I thought the organ I was hearing, with its big, rich Swell division might have been a Willis in England. This organ does just about all the organ literature spectacularly! Craig Cramer was my organ professor while I studied at the University of Notre Dame (1986-1990) and I always have enjoyed his playing. Here he tackled Reger's Second Sonata with great confidence and reserve of technique tossing it off with ease but sheer musicianship. He picks music I have never heard but is entertaining and satisfying such as the Batalha and wonderful new works by Zahnbrecher and Martinson.

The CD comes with an extensive booklet. There are detailed notes on the music, an essay by Paul Fritts on what inspired this organ and how he designed it, a full stop list and tons of photos of the organ being built and installed.

I enjoy all of Craig's recordings, but I think this is his best yet! I know I own the CD company and might be a bit biased, but this CD is a winner!

Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 546
Scheidt: Variations on a Gagliarda of John Dowland
Anonymous: Batalha de 6. Tom
Zahnbrecher: Introduction, Scherzo and Fugue on B-E-A-T-E (1993)
Martinson: Incarnation Suite on Puer natus est nobis (1999)
Reger : Zweite Sonata, Op. 60

174Price: $25.00Sale price: $18.95
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