Click to enlargeTodd Wilson plays the complete works of Frank Bridge
On the Modern Romantic American Pipe Organ
built by Quimby Pipe Organs


Organ Music of Frank Bridge & Friends

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Frank Bridge:
Three Pieces (1905)
1. Andante moderato in c minor
2. Adagio in E
3. Allegro con spirito in B-flat
Organ Pieces, Bk I (1905)
4. Allegretto grazioso
5. Allegro commodo
6. Allegro marziale
Organ Pieces, Bk II (1912)
7. Andante con moto
8. Andantino
9. Allegro ben moderato
10. In Memoriam C.H.H. Parry (1918)
Three Pieces (1939)
11. Prelude
12. Minuet
13. Processional
14. Sir Edward Cuthbert Bairstow: Prelude in C
15. Lord Edward Benjamin Britten: Prelude and Fugue on a Theme of Vittoria
16. John Nicholson Ireland: Elegiac Romance
17. Craig Sellar Lang: Tuba Tune click here for an 1.1MB MP3 file
18. Sir William Turner Walton: arr. Robert Gower: Popular Song (from Facade)
19. Percy William Whitlock: After an Old French Air (Reflections, No. 1)


JAV 120 Frank Bridge & Friends — Todd Wilson

Revel in the orchestral richness of Quimby’s Opus 50 played with elegant expertise by Todd Wilson. Wilson’s skillful performance, the gorgeous solo voices and ensembles of the organ, and the poetic beauty of Bridge’s music create a winning combination of performer, instrument and repertoire. The English Horn and Clarinet solos of "In Memoriam C.H.H. Parry" are particularly lovely. This CD is a veritable primer on the organ music of Frank Bridge and its antecedents. Informed by the sonic ebb and flow of the English cathedral tradition, neo-classic influences are abundantly evident, most tellingly in Bridge’s "Three Pieces," written in 1939. Also includes works by Bairstow, Britten, Ireland, Walton and Whitlock.

Organ Music of Frank Bridge & Friends
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